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HENZER INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD is a leading international firm with primary business in developing and supplying specialty materials, metal parts and international service. All products are finished in China and found application in the industries of chemical, plastics and rubber, metal castings, machinery and automotive.
Henzer is competitive to quickly turn ideas to products by taking full advantage of well-trained team and many strategic partners and bring innovative and reliable products to the market according to ISO requirements.

The company has accountability for the product design, development, quality assurance and also exclusive right for sales of the products around the world.

HENZER has been offering innovative fire safety systems for more than 20 years, specialising in the areas of cable, pipe and combination penetration seals, as well as firestop joint seals. In addition to our proven product line of intumescent moulded parts made of PU Fire Protection Foam, we also offer other construction materials, such as silicone and acrylic for civil engineering, tunnel construction, shipbuilding, and rail vehicles. 


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